Patient first is our motto
with any dental procedure

This could include your regular checkup, hygiene treatment, obtaining a new set of x-rays, or discussing more complex issues. Our detailed consultations are the starting point in your dental health journey.

We start off with a full mouth consultation. During this visit, the dentist examines extra-orally and intra-orally which include X-rays of your mouth. Each tooth is checked for any signs of disease or compromise. Your dentist will then discuss findings and diagnosis with you as well as email you an estimate of treatment(s) that you may need.

During a consultation, we check the TMJ, jaw muscles, lymph nodes, gums, tongue, floor of the mouth, each tooth and sensitivity. We also examine your bite, the health of your teeth, the presence of decay or fractures, the quality of your fillings, root canal treatments and bone levels to name but a few.

Have little ones you’re concerned about? No worries! We offer full-mouth consultations for children, too. During this visit, our friendly dentist examines extra-orally and intra-orally, as well as taking X-rays of each area of the child's mouth (where possible). The dentist will also examine overall oral health, habits, spacing, bite, presence of soft tissue abnormalities and concerns that may need immediate attention.

A thorough examination in conjunction with taking X-rays allow us to detect concerns in their early stages, enabling the dentist to make a more accurate diagnosis. Treating the problem early generally requires less invasive treatment and is, at times, more cost effective (depending on the treatment(s) you require).

Need a consultation on a certain issue? We’ve got you covered! We offer specific consultations on any concern you’d particularly like us to address. The dentist will only focus on that one problem, take an X-ray of the affected area and treat accordingly.

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We place great emphasis on delivering gentle, pain-free dentistry, and take extra care to ensure our patients are comfortable and relaxed.
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    Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. Please note that a fee may be a charged for late cancellations or missed appointments.

    Kromboom Dental Centre charge medical aid rates. We however DO NOT deal directly with Medical Aids. Patients will need to settle their accounts first and claim back from their Medical Aid Provider.

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